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Professional Energy Audits

Lowering expenses is crucial for any business. To help you lower your electrical expenses, Furbay offers commercial and industrial lighting energy audits for your facility, free of charge, to show you how to lower energy costs through more efficient lighting.


Our lighting audit professionals personally examine your entire facility to give you a customized and full proposal, suggesting what products to use to lower your energy costs. And we use professional software to show you the correct annual expense differences between current and projected energy use. As a result, some facilities can cut their lighting expense by more than half.


To achieve effective energy reduction, the audit team works closely with Furbay’s lighting showroom, which offers several ways to maintain your lighting needs at higher efficiency and according to government regulations.

Meet the Project Coordinator's

For more information abut our light shoppe, contact one of our lighting consultants, or stop by one of our 3 location's in Ohio!

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