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About Furbay Electric

At Furbay Electric, we take pride in the services and products that we offer, knowing that they are employed in the creation of facilities that are used by our community members every day.


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The Furbay Electric Supply Co

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In 1934, Ralph E. Furbay and Homer D. Sommer incorporated the Furbay-Sommer Company with the help of 37 other stockholders. In this, the knowledge and experience gained from the Moock Electric Supply Company were indispensable, as was the expertise of Gourney Moock Furbay, Phillip Moock’s daughter and student, and Mr. Furbay’s wife. These advantages aided the founders in investing $25,800 into capital during the turbulence of the Great Depression. And together the Moock and Furbay families began what would become four generations of electric distribution workers.


Upon purchasing Sommer’s interest in the company In 1946, Mr. Furbay changed the company’s name to what it is known as today. Under his direction, the company continued on at the original location, 115 Schroyer Avenue, prospering in the post-WWII era. Philip M. Furbay, son of Mr. Furbay, joined the company as a salesperson, continuing his family legacy after serving as a U.S. Navy PT Boat Captain in the Pacific.


In 1972, the original building at 115 Schroyer became a residential lighting showroom when a new warehouse and corporate headquarters were built across the street during the Presidency of Philip Furbay. In 1996, he updated the lighting showroom and relocated it to 208 Schroyer Avenue.


Furbay Electric expanded in 1977, purchasing Mansfield Electric Supply, Inc. as a subsidiary branch. Established in Mansfield, Ohio in 1959, the company initially served industrial customer's electrical needs in Richland and the surrounding counties within 50 miles of Mansfield. The company was relocated in 1980 to 2255 Stumbo Road in Ontario, Ohio. It has since grown to assist the electrical needs of contractors, residential builders, commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities.


At both locations, we have continued to thrive. In 1996, Furbay Electric added a Lighting Lab to demonstrate a multitude of lighting applications, and we have grown our service to include those areas within 75 miles of either company location, reaching such cities as Canton, Akron, Mansfield, Wooster, Dover, and New Philadelphia. We stock for and service industrial, commercial, and residential customers with the aid of experienced sales representatives, certified lighting consultants, and a $3 million stock of products from 175 brand manufacturers, as featured on our line card. We continually invest in the training of our people and in the latest technology to help us operate at the most efficient level possible, reaching an annual sales volume of $19 million.


Furbay Electric has been a member of the Canton community since1934 as well as a member of the Greater Canton Chamber of Commerce. As providers of the products used in multiple plants, commercial businesses, government buildings, churches, schools, medical facilities, and homes, we have earned respect and esteem from our community. We take pride in the services and products that we offer, knowing that they are employed in the creation of facilities that are used by our community members every day.


Furbay Electric continues to assist clientele interested in industrial, commercial, and residential projects by using high-quality and innovative products and services. We seek to be the dominant suppliers in the areas where we are located and to provide an environment in which our associates may prosper and enjoy their work.

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