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Industrial OEM & MRO

Furbay’s Industrial OEM and MRO Department specialize in helping you maintain and conduct your operation smoothly and efficiently. By examining and assessing your equipment, our Industrial Department Associates are able to suggest what changes need to be made to improve machine efficiency and what products to use for their upkeep and repair, including cases requiring retro-fitting. And cases of plant overhauls are no problem; we are ready to provide what help you need to improve and restart your plant as quickly as possible.


In addition to MRO and OEM services, the Industrial Department offers assistance with standard controls, PLC and operator interface, variable frequency drives for industrial and HVAC equipment, power factor correction, harmonic filtering, energy metering, competitive cross-referencing, and achieving an uninterruptible power supply. Not only that, but Furbay’s Industrial Department also provides product training and software training.


And if there is a problem at your plant, we provide telephone and on-site assistance, working with our other departments to ensure that you are given the best support possible.


Give Furbay a chance to demonstrate our help and support to you.

Meet the Sale's team

For more information abut what we offer, contact one of our sales representatives, or stop by one of our 3 location's in Ohio!

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